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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Hey Ladies,

Unless you've been without a television or the internet for the past month you will have heard about Pantene Pro-V 's new Colour Protect product Colour Seal Conentrate. Well I was rather eager to get my hands on the stuff after hearing some very good things that had been said about it, I waited til the launch date & couldn't find it anywhere, I still bloody can't! I have tried 3 Boots, 2 Superdrugs & a Tesco in 2 different towns & no sign of it! Thankfully Pantene hearing of my struggles on Twitter felt pity on me & sent me one to try.

They Say:

'The patented active system helps repair signs of damage of coloured hair. It restores your hair's natural waterproof qualities so that colour molecules won't get washed away that easily. This way, your coloured is protected for up to 8 weeks.'

Now I don't know about the colour being protected for up to 8 weeks because I only used it last night but I can say as a deep conditioner it's excellent. My hair feels silky, soft and not weighed down at all, the ends appear healthier and the colour of my hair does appear a little brighter. I'd say if you had red hair to give this a try as the colour washes out very quickly but for generally damaged hair I'd say try this regardless if your hair has been coloured or not.

The price point is excellent at £3.99 a tube, cheap for a deep conditioner, the tube isn't huge but if you use it once a week I think it should last a decent amount of time if you've not got masses of hair. I certainly will be buying a tube if I could get my hands on the bleeding stuff!!

Hope you're having a lovely week so far, I had a total fail filming a tutorial today as my camera wasn't recording for the end of the video! ah well!!

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  1. really wanna try this, im so obsessed with trying new conditioners! x


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