Sunday Summary ... Boredom is a curious thing! & I NEED YOUR HELP!

Sunday 27 February 2011

Hey Ladies,

So the title may suggest I have been rather bored this week, not having a job causes me to speak into a camera & upload them on to YouTube (who knew!) & have some really crazy dreams (one involved me biting my cousin for trying to play on my Nintendo!)

So the summary of my week has been ...

Me + Sleep + Good Skin - Stress = Little Miss Sunshine!

Blogging & YouTubing my arse off - Loving having the time to be able to make YouTube videos and getting through my list of blog posts i've been wanting to do for ages but never having time to do the leg work.

Getting excited about Makeup Again - I think skin care is my speciality, I absolutely love learning about ingredients & the latest products & testing them out but at the moment I'm satisfied in that area so my focus has been about Makeup, I was requested to record my favourite High Street makeup for a video & having looked through my stash of makeup I realised there's not many that I have/enjoy from the High Street, so my current mission is to find High Street products that I love & can recommend. I cannot wait for my trip to Boots, so recommend me your favourites for me to try out, the only thing I don't need help with is mascara!

Organisation & Prettyfication - Boredom = sorting out room whilst videos are uploading, I have moved round my room & now looking for items to make my room look nicer, I am going to be ordering a Banksy piece of art work for my wall & I'm looking for some nice glass containers for my cotton buds & cotton pads so if you know anywhere get recommending!

Nail Experiments - I am currently in the middle of my 1st UV Gel polish trial & it's getting me excited for growing my nails & having chip free nail polish, this means I am spending fortunes in my head but so far being strong & not ordering things until I am back in a job!!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend & aren't dreading Monday too much, check out my Blog sale page I reduced the price of items just so I can get them all sent off & out of my newly organised room!!
Get recommending storage sites & High Street Makeup to try out!!


  1. i find loads of stuff in tkmaxx for my room, just loads of random baragins :) x

  2. I store my cotton pads and cotton buds in one of these - if you prefer glass I think John Lewis do some nice ones.

  3. The best thing about not having a job is that there is so much time to blog and catch up with commenting.

  4. we have a nice cotton bud and cotton wool storage holder from john lewis too!

    for my first makeup kit my sister bought me some 17 eyeshadows and when i walked past in boots i swatched a couple that looked good- they turned out to be the ones she bought me! i recommend "mardi gras", its still lovely and on my repurchase list x

  5. i've just found your blog, love it :) i'm more concerned with skincare as well i think, i study a diploma in cosmetic science which is all the chemistry and formulating which is great. xo.


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