Sunday Summary ... Very late!

Saturday 19 February 2011

Hey ladies,
Here's my very late Sunday Summary or early if you like!

(This pic was totally screen shot on my iPhone from my aunts Facebook ... Hence the black top & bottom)

1. Family time! What a week of family time I've had. My mum & step dad came home for the week from Spain for my Nan's 80th birthday (see pic, isn't she so Nanarish, with my dad & 2 brothers) we also had my step brothers & dads & mums birthdays to celebrate (any excuse for a drink) I ate A LOT! & drank likewise. (not as much as my brother who was sick out of his bedroom window! & who will kill me if he reads this! For clarification he's the more sensible looking one in the light blue shirt & 2 masters degrees in physics, cosmology & astronomy)

2. My skin! After a bit of trouble with it recently I was sent something which I am convinced is working. I see the pr contacting me is an act of god (ya'know if I believed in him but whatever!) at the moment it is free of any troubles, no spots, dry patches & I haven't had my blackheads be destroyed like this before! (all shall be revealed soon)

3. Adele - if you haven't bought get album yet, WHY? it is as good as everyone says I love 95% of the songs which is very rare for me. A couple just reduce me to serious crying, she seems to sing about heartbreak better than just about anyone!

4. Shopping - I think this is usually on my list, I've made a few cheeky purchases from Topshop, a new perfume addition, & the beginning of my new nail obsession of long wearing gel polishes (shellac etc) I will be trying & testing all the different systems to let you know which I think is the best! (plus I get lots of nice colours because individually most Systems are pap for colour choice!!

I hope you've all been well & behaving yourselves, I will be back to normal blogging from now & hopefully have time for a few YouTube videos to be filmed. If you've got any requests let me know so I can do a few!

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