Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Dupe Courtesy of Bourjois

Friday 25 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

Recently I have been loving lighter foundations, having been addicted to my Estee Lauder Double Wear since September it's been rather lovely to be able to give my skin a break & room to breathe.

The two lighter formulas I have been trying are at complete opposite ends of the price scale but quite similar in the way they look on your skin. I raved about the Chanel Vitalumier Aqua a few weeks ago & will continue to do that til i'm blue in the face however I am well aware that not everyone wants to spend £32 on a foundation so I thought I'd make a comparison with a relatively cheap one to give you an alternative!!

Price & Design - You get 30mls in both foundations and obviously the Bourjois kicks the Chanel's arse as its £10 compared to the £32 for the Chanel. The Chanel bottle is clearly different from their usual ones but I actually really like it and they're are both plastic bottles so don't weigh a tonne in your makup bag so good for travelling. The healthy mix has a pump which is always appreciated & the Chanel has a nozzle (? Pointy squeeze out thing) so will still be hygienic!

Formulation - They really can't be compared in terms of formulation as they are so different, the Chanel is water based so needs a good shake before use as it separates when it's been shaken it's much thicker than you imagine and kind of melts into the skin where as the Bourjois is a very creamy formulation and easily blendable into the skin. The biggest difference here was how much of the Bourjois I used in comparison to the Chanel, I seriously used loads & so I'm thinking the Chanel will last longer. It has to be noted that the Chanel has an SPF of 15 whereas the Bourjois doesn't have any to my knowledge or that I can see on the bottle or their website.

Coverage - This is where they really compare they both start out a light medium & then both buildable to a medium coverage. Neither of them give a Matt or Luminous finish but both leave your skin looking polished not too shiny not too flat.

On The Skin - Again this is comparable between the two, they do look very similar in texture and the way they look on the skin, the way the feel on the skin is quite different however, the Chanel feels like you've got nothing on your face whereas the Bourjois you feel like you have something on there although nothing close to other foundations i've tried so still pretty light.

Smell - Always an important factor for me, they both have smells to them which I dislike, I don't necessarily not like the smell (the opposite in fact for the Chanel it smells so nice) but I hate when they add perfume to foundations as I always think they'll give me spots and it's such an unnecessary ingredient really. They're both equal offenders in this field, I personally prefer the smell of the Chanel but that's just me.

Lasting Power - The Bourjois claims 'up to 16 hours wear' which is a pile of errrm .... rubbish, unless you have skin like the Sahara I doubt it will last anything more than about 10 hours which is still great just don't claim things that aren't true to sell a product. I don't think the Chanel claims any lasting power with this foundation but it's very similar so about 10 hours both with a setting powder.

Skin Type - I personally wouldn't recommend either for really oily skin as there are great foundations out their from both companies designed to control oil, these are great for slightly oily, normal & dry skin but I'd ask for a sample of the Chanel before purchasing if you've got really dry skin just because Chanel sell Vitalumiere which would probably be more suitable for really dry skin.

So overall they do have differences but if you applied one half of your face with the Chanel & the other with the Borjois I think people would find it difficult to tell you had two different foundations on as they do look very similar on the skin they just feel slightly different but for the difference of £22 most people wont mind.

I hope that's an easy accessible cheaper alternative for people because lets face it how many people would want to spend £22 more just to feel like you're wearing nothing instead of a little bit of something. (would you judge me if I said me! I like the smell ok?)

Thanks for reading & hope you're all having a brilliant week, remember to enter my No7 Giveaway & my Facebook Essie Polish Giveaway!


  1. Great post, Bourjois was the next foundation i was going to try and i also wanted to try the Chanel one too, so great tips!

  2. It's not surprising there similar Chanel own Bourjois ;)

  3. Healthy mix is a great foundation, it's good to know that I don't need to splurge on 40 € to get the same results! Great review, very helpful x

  4. i've been wanting to try this foundation for ages!

    Coco Rebelle - click ♡

  5. I want to give my skin a break from Double Wear too so might have to pick up Healthy Mix! x x x

  6. This was a really useful review!
    My skin recently miraculously changed from oily to normal/dry so I think i'm going to give Healthy Mix a go!

  7. Ahh thank you so much, I have been umming and ahhing over the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua ever since the sample was free in Glamour magazine which I LOVED, but could never justify £32 on a foundation when all the money I have is £12 a week! Haha, thank you, I will definitely be checking out the Bourjois Healthy Mix xxx

  8. Great review! I was wondering if I should splash out on the Chanel foundation but I have oily skin so now re-thinking if it would be right. Good idea to sample it first!! I'll def do that now xx

  9. Fantastic review! Just wondering if you know what kind of coverage Vitalumiere gives, as my skin is on the dry side and I would like to try it. Also do you have any thoughts on ProLumiere? Thanks alot Nic! :) xo


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