Free Chloe Pouch Gift With Purchase at The Perfume Shop

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd tell you about a promotion The Perfume Shop is offering from the 10th of March until the 3rd of April in their stores.

If you purchase a 50ml Chloe perfume or larger you receive this cosmetics pouch for free!!

Now I'm not one for press releases to be honest but I actually asked The Perfume Shop for their press release on this as I love the pouch, I carry around quite large handbags and so when you need your purse/phone/train ticket it can sometimes be a nightmare to find this is where these type of items come in handy. A handbag pouch can serve as a holder of the important things within your bag for easy access, great when you're travelling too and I've been looking for one for ages (Mulberry do really nice ones!) with this promotion I get the pouch i've been craving & a lovely perfume to go with it! Perfect! I will definitively be popping to The Perfume Shop this week.

Not only are they doing the Chloe Promotion, there's a few other bags you can get with a purchase from the likes of Stella, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss so there's something for everyone!

Hope you're having a lovely day, I'm gutted to be missing the Illamasqua event but i'm sure i'll hear all about it later!!


  1. Thanks for letting us know Nicola - what a bargain!!!!!
    I don't suppose you could post the link to this particular offer could you? It'd be most helpful!

    Katie x

  2. Hmmm it's quite nice actually


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