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Monday 4 April 2011

Hey Ladies,

When I was in London last week my hair was feeling awful, perhaps the tube trips just made it frizz I don't know but I had the opportunity to have a speed styling session in a salon called Windle & Moodie and once it was re-styled it was looking good so I decided to buy a deep conditioner to help my hair whilst I was there.

Bumble and Bumble Deep

They Say;

'This hydrating mask contains protein that repairs your hair, making it more manageable, while silk smoothens and conditions it. Deep Treatment is an ideal revitaliser for your hair as it provides vital moisture control.'

They recommend leaving it on 20mins but I actually slept in it & all I can say is that it is amazing! My hair felt so much softer after using it & more manageable and the biggest difference I can see is that my hair is still very soft even after washing it twice more since using it & I haven't conditioned it.

I got the travel sized one so normally you get 150ml for around £20, I wanted to try it before buying a full sized one so got the smaller one. When purchasing an expensive conditioner you will notice one thing which makes them worth the money before even the extra benefits of the conditioning & repairing they deliver, the difference is that they wash out of your hair without leaving any residue which means you can condition all your hair without worrying about greasy roots.

I highly recommend this product & am gonna be trying out some more Bumble and Bumble I am that impressed. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, mine has been spent mostly asleep recovering after my trip to London and playing with my new Nikon D90 DSLR camera (I took the picture above with it!) Get recommending me your favourite Bumble and Bumble products and deep conditioners!!


  1. Thickening spray and tonic lotion are amazing! X

  2. This sounds perfect for my hair, all the other b&b products I have are great so might will check it out!

  3. When my hair is a frizzy mess, usually serums are great, especially biosilk!

  4. i've heard B&B are amaze-balls... i am def going to give them a try :D

  5. Second here for the thickening spray! Volume without crispyness and my hair is so soft! I also use the thickening serum, I was worried about applying serum to roots but it isn't greasy just soft. I've just finished my Bedhead mask, I'll be trying this one!

  6. I would love to try this, may have to be added to my wish list.
    Also, it's lovely to hear that someone else has a Nikon D90, I love mine, but usually it's all about Cannon on youtube and blogs. Nikon ftw. haha.


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