Juicy Couture Ring!

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Hey Ladies,

No doubt you will have all seen this before but I don't care because it's not very often I try something out & want to immediately blog about it.

Having tried the original Juicy Couture a few weeks ago I had been told that the Couture Couture smell was even nicer so was looking forward to having a whiff!

It is amazing, the exact smells that I love from perfumes, base notes of amber, sandlewood & vanilla, with heart notes of jasmine and honeysuckle and top notes of mandarin and orange flower gives the perfect oriental floral scent. I cannot tell you how much I loved this perfume as soon as it hit my skin, it needed no settling & it's a no brainer, one you can spritz & go & know you smell amazing! I have the full size bottle in my perfume shopping basket as I type!!

As for the packaging that I have this smell in, I am in love with the ring, it's a completely gorgeous statement ring that is perfect for a night out & you will smell great all night without having to carry round a bottle in your bag. It's such a great gift to give to a girl friend or a pay day treat for yourself if you love the smell.

Amazing perfume & an amazing ring. I can't stop smelling my wrist & looking at my hand!!


  1. i like th look of the ring... it doesn't look really obvious that it is something else :D


  2. Amazing ring! I love the perfume and I've always wanted to try a product like this, seems like it would be great for on the go. Lovely <3


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