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Saturday 18 June 2011

Hey Ladies,

Ever feel like friends are live savers? Well studies have shown that being close to people have health benefits including healthier hearts (added red wine?) , lower risk of cancer (feeling each others boobies whilst drunk, no? just me & my friends then!) and better mental health (completely can confirm the last one myself, friend save us from mental break downs in the office, in the pub, in the kitchen all the time) The reasons for this is thought to be that lonely people are more likely to smoke and drink to deal with problems, and they miss out on boost we all get from friends when we've had a fake tan disaster or hair cut horror which can lead to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating as well as added stress from not having anybody to let out their worries to which causes premature ageing as well. Are you sat there appreciating your friends even more than before?

NIVEA commissioned research by psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie to measure the closeness of today and the results showed that we're closer than ever to our friends and families. So with all they do for us in mind, NIVEA are encouraging us all to value our relationships so asking you all to take part in their A million moments of closeness campaign, you just have to upload photos of you with your nearest & dearest to their Facebook page or catch their road show throughout the UK where you can hop into a photo booth & have your picture uploaded instantly and everyday Professor Beattie will choose a 'picture of the day' & the winner will receive one of 100 prizes worth £100. If you do catch the roadshow you can pick up free NIVEA goodies so worth popping down for if it's near you.

There's also a Feel Closer debate on their Facebook page all about closeness in the 21st century, questions like is friendship the best anti-depressant going? Can a text ever be as rewarding as a face-to-face chat? What about long distance relationships, is physicall proximity essential essential for true closeness?

Personally I couldn't be without my friends and family, my family are incredibly loving no matter what and all in each others lives all the time as for friendships I don't think you have to constantly surround yourselves with people, a select few is enough for me and I know I can call upon them whenever I need for a chat or support and they know that they can do the same when it comes to me, todays technology could render physical relationships non existent but for me they are a bridge to keep us close when geography and time aren't our friend.

Don't you just want to give your loved ones a cuddle now you know they are so important to your health & sanity? (if you didn't already know) 

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