Ellos Leopard Print Wedges (with 50% off code)

Thursday 9 June 2011

Hey Ladies,

So today I got a PR email introducing me to a new online shop called Ellos, I get these kind of emails all the time and normally have a browse on the site & that's about it, today I saw a pair of shoes & just had to create an outfit round them & show you all it!! Hope you like it!!

Click to see all the details of the outfit
Because the wedges aren't too high & a fun fashion piece I thought they'd be perfect for lunch with a friend so created the outfit around that theme, a beautiful oversized cashmere top is so stylish with a long necklace & is effortless matched with a pair of dark skinny jeans. The bag is just a thing of beauty & since it is a roseish beige I thought rose gold jewellery would suit the look so went with the ring, bracelet, necklace  & watch in that metal.

I'd quite happily own & wear this outfit ... just need to find someone to buy it me!

Ok so I wasn't even informed of the discount code I saw it on the site so even more of an excuse to have a browse, you get 50% off & free delivery if you use the code - 4763

Bargain for the shoes I think you'll find! if only the rest was the same!!


  1. Love this outfit! It's exactly like something that I would wear :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit, love it. x x

  3. I love this outfit, it's just the kind of thing I like to wear. Shame it's all so expensive! x

  4. Love the top, bag and watch! I want! Thanks for sharing, wish I could afford though!

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  5. I got the same email I love those shoes :)

  6. love the outfit it is definitely something i would wear, especially loving the watch and bg :D


  7. Great outfit, adore the watch! Love it all have to find a jumper like this now.
    Beth x


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