A Gucci Car??

Thursday 2 June 2011

Hey Ladies,

Are you the kind of girl to love anything designer, well Gucci have stepped up & collaborated with Fiat to make the new Fiat 500 by Gucci

Customised by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini in partnership with Fiat's Centro Steile, it will be available in two engines, you could opt for the economical 1.2 litre which will cost you £14,565 or the award-winning 0.9 litre TwinAir priced at £15,765

It's available in the black & white options, although the Gucci print stands out more with the white which comes with satin chrome detailing and ivory and black interiors, I think the black with detailing in shiny chrome with a black and white contrasting interior is 'more' Gucci, like fine black leather it's very classy whereas the white is more refined and sophistocated.

Couldn't you just see yourself nipping through narrow Italian streets in this stylish car or driving in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany which is exactly what this Italian car was made for. For the city girl during the week then quiet country bound weekends it suits the modern woman & fits in perfectly with the designer lifestyle we all crave.

I think this is great, why settle for a handbag when you can have the car, eh?? Now how to convince someone this is a better investment than a bag & that they should definitely buy one for me ... hmmm & then buy me a bag to match!!

Who wouldn't want a Gucci car I say!

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