Summer Trends From Simply Be

Thursday 23 June 2011

Hey Ladies,

Well we're supposed to be in the summer months now (someone forgot to tell the weather) so I thought I'd share with you the summer trends that are going to take you through to the Autumn that are accessible from sizes 10 through to size 28 from Simply Be.

Colour Blocking
Such a great trend to wear for the summer, the ultimate statement to grab all the attention & is completely effortless.  I love this striped piece, it calls itself a top but if you have a good pair of pins & a tan this would be a lovely dress when you're on holiday, I personally would pair it with some black leggings,  a pair of sandals and a black leather belt & jacket perfect for casual days with friends or the kids.

Palazzo Trousers
The 70's are officially back this summer and these trousers are everywhere, they are so stylish & flattering for women who's problem area is their legs, pair it with a simple white tank top & long gold necklace, curly hair & you're ready to party.

Fruit Patterns
I love patterns in fashion, they can add such life and colour to a simple piece and make them instantly  fun and young. This dress is gorgeous with the pineapple print, a great length to flatter most ages and sizes as well as the tops of the arms covered which I don't like showing off. It would be a great dress for the office as well as a meal with the other half with a few added accessories.

I think Simply Be do some really great Trendy Dresses and in such a great size range, I didn't realise they had started selling smaller sized dresses which makes it more accessible for all sizes. Totally love this & this they would be amazing for a holiday if I was going on one! Plus if you're a new customer you get 20% off (using the code 3505) plus free shipping & returns, I could spend a fortune!

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