Sunday Summary - A few discoveries this week

Sunday 3 July 2011

Hey Ladies,

Well it's been ages since I did a summary post so I thought i'd treat you today with a few discoveries I made this week ;)

1. Don't drink a bottle and a half of wine & expect to be fine the day after.
2. Krispy Kreme Doughnut's do not cure hangovers!

& this particular one was hideous!
3. When you're still hung over 2 days later a Sausage McMuffin is the only cure

Meet my new bag - Tods D-Bag

4. But it's not a good idea walking up the giant hill in the baking sun

I actually missed bits out, its a beast of a hill!
5. Pink stripy socks don't match Aztec patterned hareem trousers! .... who knew!

However the comfiest form of trouser known to woman! 
6.  I love an accent nail I do! & found a super easy way to achieve nail art!

Tell you more at a later date! (OPI Mermaid Tears if your wondering about the colour)
So that's been my weekend really! I have been rather fragile & still am. The major lesson drinking is not big or cleaver ... it is fun though!

What have you all been up to!?


  1. i love this post! you look gorgeous in the first photo! i felt the after effects this morning after a £5 bottle of wine last night..oops!

    p.s where did you get your bag from? it's tres lovely! :] xx

  2. Loveed this post :) you look so pretty and love the new bag!

    Fee x

  3. Lol - the whole wine limit is a hard lesson to learn! You look so pretty in these pics xx

  4. I'd love to know how you got your nail like that, I'm really into nail art at the moment- can't wait for that! xx

  5. Ha at least you looked good going out! You're lipstick is very summery and cute girl. Btw how do you make your crackle nail polish look so nice? Mine always comes out more black than the rest of the nail color and not nearly as big of spaces in between :(

  6. Ha I love this Nicola! Especially the part about the wine, as I am always ''suprised'' by how hungover I am... despite doing this too many times to remember! Made me smile this Sunday, look forward to more! xo

  7. I love accent nails too, and I really love that nail art, it's very quirky :)

  8. am interested in how you did the nails :D also im loving the huge amount of nail polish in the background of your socks pic :D

  9. I just love your hair! it's so pretty :)

  10. Did you find that mermaid's Tears is a complete bitch to apply? I did!


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