Sunday Summary & My Week in Nails!

Sunday 17 July 2011

Hey Ladies,

Time for another summary of my last couple of weeks!

Anyones Weekend as soggy as mine? Source

1. New Job = Nicola constantly tired & grumpy!
I am officially employed again and discovered I actually enjoy not working much more than I thought I did, I miss my bed and time to do whatever I like. Of course having an actual purpose in life does brighten up my spirit, I am basically running a companies eBay account and doing the best bit which is basically organising and listing things, I get to make so many lists & the best thing is I dont have to pack orders or send them! This means that I no longer spend time on eBay it is saving me a tonne of money because it feels like work as soon as I see the home page.

2. Clothes Shopping = Nicola constantly grumpy!
Obviously new job means an excuse to buy new work clothes, well let me tell you I'm having some difficulties, my work is incredibly casual I mean I could go in my pj's and I don't think they'd a.) notice or b.) care. So I bet you're thinking that's great you can go to work in whatever. Yes & that's the problem I don't want to look too over dressed so half my wardrobe is useless and the other half is too summery because even on the hottest day my work is FREEZING! I am actually contemplating taking my fleece tomorrow! All I want is some black Converse, black jeggings and then casual tops & WARM cardigans, turns out it is impossible to get any of these apart from the Converse!

3. Nicola in Cosmopolitan & Company Magazine = Less Grumpy Nicola

Anyhoo ....

Instead of doing nail of the day posts this week I decided to compile them into a 'My Week In Nails'

Obviously enlarge to see the picture better, If I love a shade I will wear it for more than one day but I have to say I love all the nail polishes barr one this week!
1. Butter London - Aston
The most grown up nail polish I own, its a beautiful metallic dirty rose shade. Love the shade especially with another Butter London shade on my ring finger - Rosie Lee
2. Essie - Turquoise & Caicos
Seriously love this shade, it is an amazing summer shade & is really chip resistant, I wore with a coloured leopard print water decal from here.
3. Essie - Turquoise & Caicos
Two days in a row = love! I used a Mac Turquoise Glitter to create the ring finger, it was so pretty & sparkly!!
4. Illamasqua - Lament
The most loveliest neon coral ever! Total summer shade that everyone should own!
5. Illamasqua - Lament
Again two days in a row ... this time with the Zebra water decal, its such a great way to re-invent a manicure if you're a little bored with it!!
6. Illamasqua - Jo'Mina
The most amazing neon pastel purple if such things can actually be described as neon and pastel. Totally undupable and unique and again a must have. Love this shade, actually wore it for 3 days and that my friends says it all!
7. Essie - Canyon Coral
A really red toned coral, lovely summer shade but one I couldn't keep on my finger nails for more than a day, it's just too 'normal' for me I felt wrong as it just looked red in most lights & we all know I'm a unique nail polish wearer! Yawn Boring! (great pedicure shade for a holiday though)

So there's my week & nails to go with it!! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I have really not, got soaking wet on Friday, Saturday and Today! ah well i'm warm and snuggly in my bed with a cup of tea & ginger cake so who cares eh?


  1. love all your nail choices!
    could you please tell me what font did you use for your collage? the one that says Nicolavc86 and 7 days of nails xx

  2. i love the accent nails. and those polishes are to die!

    you actually wear a different nail polishes everyday? thats redic awsome, i could never be arsed, i normally wear mine for like 5 days

    check out my blog and follow if you like x
    BreezeyBee Blog


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