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Sunday 7 August 2011

Hey Ladies,

Totally stolen from Kelly's Blog
My my i've had a rather busy week mainly revolving around friends (isn't that the best type of week) I had a day off from work & participated in some shopping with my friend Jade on Monday then after a very short week at work headed to the Trafford Centre with Gemma & Kelly for a catch up and shop (rather damaging shop) I tell you what these two beauties are the main reason I love that I began blogging, they will be my bridesmaids at my wedding (if I ever get married) & two of my bestest buds!! Then back with my friend Jade on Saturday night for a Curry & then a day with my two brothers & dad today, i've eaten out all the time, it's been ACE!!

The damaging part of the trip was due to this little beauty ...

Dont you just love him, I named him Sebastian (I name all my technology with old men names, Henry is my iPhone & my Macbook is called Burt!) I know it'll be so useful in my blogging because I can take it to work and blog at lunch, I can also take it to my boyfriends at the weekends instead of my Macbook which will mean my bags will be as light as possisble! Yay!! Now I need you to recommend ebay sellers for covers & stuff & also iPad must have Apps!!

I have also decided this is exactly how I want my hair, I wished I suited a middle parting but I just look like a dork! Need to find a curling tool that will provide me with this wave! Any suggestions?

So that's my week spending money, time with friends & obsessing about hair, what more could a girl want!!

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  1. 3 barrel wave iron. Love mine had it years. They probably make better ones now though

  2. sounds like you have had a super busy week. I love your hair, im currently growing mine out and it is taking forever... :D

  3. I love Sebastian! Brilliant name and you've made me want an ipad now, you've given some very sensible reasons why I need one! xx

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  5. Very jealous of Sebastian :( x

  6. Love Nicoles hair in this pic but middle partings don't tend to suit me either. I have the Babyliss wavy wand that would probably recreate the look xx


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