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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Hey Ladies,

I know i'm a total fail whale at the moment or just call me lazy either way I promise i'll improve!! I've got an interesting trip to London at the end of this week so I aim to spend, film & blog/vlog for you all!!

So I'm back with my product of the week!

It comes courtesy of Dermalogica, having been loyal to my Embryolisse for about 12 months I finally ran out of my supply & after a facial I was given a rather generous sample of the Dermalogica Smooth Skin Cream & well I am in love with it.

"A medium-weight cream with soothing botanicals and antioxidant vitamins to maintain skin’s moisture balance while improving texture, helping to restore suppleness and tone.'' 

This seriously is a fantastic moisturiser, you're apparently supposed to apply it over damp skin which I don't but it moisturises it perfectly, i've no dryness whatsoever & it really does smooth your skin so it's baby soft. It makes your skin the perfect base for your makeup to be applied to. Definitely not one for oily skin but if you've got normal to dry skin it will be fantastic for you.

It's a bit pricey at around £30 for 50mls but worth splashing out on I think! I'm definitely going to buy the 100ml size. If you shop around you'll get a good deal on it!! eg Link!

Hope this was useful to anyone searching for smooth skin!! I love a bit of Dermalogica!


  1. Haha fail whale..that made me giggle.
    Ooof this looks really good. Will definatly have to try, where is it stocked?


  2. I'm definitely going to have to try this Dermalogica brand. Embryolisse is my fav moisturizer so this can't disappoint.
    Also, thanks for recommanding the L'oréal carbon gloss liner in a previous post, I got my hands on it and I looooooooooove it.

  3. I've recently tried the special cleansing gel from Dermalogica and omg it is amazing as well! I feel it cleans so well without leaving skin feeling taught. Was really really impressed too!

  4. I love posts like these <3 The product seems like it's amazing, I've always wanted to try Dermalogica, I just haven't had the time or money yet! Will have to test them out ASAP :)

  5. i have oily skin so probably not for me but ive heard lots of good things about dermalogica :D

  6. This sounds lovely.. if only I didn't have skin oilier than a frying pan :( xx

  7. I need to try some Dermalogica goodies, think my skin might be a bit oily for this though :(

  8. Nicola, thanks for the great post! I do love this Dermalogica Smooth Skin Cream - recently being presented by my friend ;) Now it is a necessary product for me along with Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser (super light cream with 100% natural components!) - this week presented at BROODON:


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