Speed Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Thursday 5 January 2012

Hey ladies,

I thought I'd introduce some speed reviews so that I can blog a bit more on my lunch break & get some posts scheduled. Sometimes I don't half waffle on & there's some products that don't need major reviews! (see i'm waffling again! I can't help myself)

The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is finally available in the uk, I've seen this on many YouTubers videos & wanted to try it, I am a total lipbalm-aholic.

I got it in the Sugar Flirt gift set which includes the Brown Sugar Body Cream, the Sugar Lip Treatment & a little makeup bag it retails for £16.

First of all the lip balm & body cream smell lovely, not too strongly but a really lovely lemon smell, the body cream works a treat & very good for dry skin types.

The lip balm is amazing, no other words are really necessary, there is a reason it is so popular, it is moisturising to even the driest of lips even though it is in a stick it feels like a lip butter that melts on contact with your skin & stays on your lips for hours without rubbing away. Once it has actually gone your lips feel so much healthier than before unlike a lot of lip balms I have which relieve the tightness when you put them on but don't actually do any good long term!

This treatment has saved my lips over the last few months & I am certainly going to buy another when it runs out, you can only currently purchase this in the Fresh shop in London or by email/over the phone on 02074864100, which is slightly annoying but nothing I haven't resorted to in order to get products before or alternatively get an American buddy to do a swap/custom purchase!

Have any of you tried these before? If so let me know what you think. I might try & get some for a giveaway when I place my order, the tinted ones look amazing!!


  1. i am obsessed with lip balm if i havent got one on me at all times i panic, i think i need to try this :D


  2. That lip balm brand is so fab specially the shades. Just make sure that your teeth are healthy for that perfect smile. Maintain a good oral hygiene to prevent urgent dental care.


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