Spring Has Sprung

Monday 27 February 2012

Hey Ladies,

We've had what I would call a spell of decent weather ie its not freezing & I've seen the actual sun once or twice so my winter coat has been banished & I officially am declaring Spring! Cue pastel nails & not only that every pastel nail shade I could possibly fit on to my hands.

Pinkie - Essie Van D'Go, Ring Finger - Color Club New Bohemian, Middle Finger - OPI Rumple's Wiggin',
Index Finger - Orly Cotton Candy, Thumb - Orly Cashmere Caardigan.
I'll do a quick summary of each shade but they're pretty accurate in the picture;

Essie Van D'Go - A very light peachy pink, the formulation is good as long as you leave your layers to dry adequately & a gorgeous colour to have on your nails for a polished look.

Color Club New Bohemian - One of my favourite shade families in the nail polish world are these pastel jade shades, this one has a slightly more grey tone to it & at first I wasn't keen but I love it now.

OPI Rumple's Wiggin - This I would describe as a true lilac, theres no real swing towards a blue or pink tone it's right in the middle with a slightly grey tone, I really love this shade! 

Orly Cotton Candy - This is just a gorgous mid tones pinky peach, some lights it can look pink some pink, one of my favourite nail polish shades, it's so easy to wear & a classic.

Orly Cashmere Cardigan - A very unique pastel periwinkle, probably too dark for this post but I actually don't think I own a pastel light blue any more so it had to do!! Love this shade & wear it all the time which is unusual for me but it's such an easy shade to wear!

So those are my spring nails I have to say, I TOTALLY love wearing all different shades, my boyfriend even said he likes them!! What are your favourite pastel shades??


  1. So cute ! Really like them, I want to do the 'skittles' nails, but I have a mixture of 'textures'.. for example not all cremes. And it doesn't look as good !

  2. I love the colours you have used! x


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