NOTD: Bourjois & Sally Hansen Nail Strip How To!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Hey Ladies,

I searched high & low for these Sally Hansen Nail Strips as they're very hard to come by in the UK, I managed to find them Here after a lot of searching, they arrived super quick so I really recommend the site! The Bourjois polish is from their new Spring 2012 collection, I've got a few of the products so no doubt you'll see them soon, I immediately knew I'd be pairing the coral shade with the nail strips as the weather is currently amazing in the UK I am totally in the Summer mood & nothing says Summer like coral nails!


May Need Enlarging!

The Bourjois polish is described as Pink but is definitely a pinky coral it doesn't actually have a name just #25 (very memorable), it is absolutely a gorgeous colour, it has the tiniest pink micro shimmer running through it but once its on your nails you can't see it at all, I needed three coats to get the shade completely opaque because I found the slanted brush a little hard to apply the polish with (perhaps i'm thick) I much prefer their other rounded brushes! The claim to be up to 10 days wear & 3 days minimum is just a waiting game for me now, nail polish chips on me quite easily so I never expect too much!

My Thoughts On Sally Hansen Nail Strips

I found them really easy to apply once I got the hang of it, they are completely different from nail wraps as they are actual nail polish so not thick at all, I feel nail wraps coming away from the free edge immediately but these feel really secure especially with the added top coat, I have heard they last really long on the nails so another waiting game there! Unfortunately they are a pain to get hold of in the UK & I haven't really found a brand that carries anything other than nail wraps to recommend, another downside is that they are expensive and you only get 16 strips in a pack, how random is that?? At least put 20 in so you can get two full manicures in also they do dry out so if you have any left over make sure you reseal the packet with tape! I have to say so far I totally recommend them, I bought some sparkly ones too & I definitely want the flower pattern next!

Has anyone tried any nail strips they can recommend that are easy to get in this country? or do you know when Sally Hansen are finally releasing them in the UK?


  1. Hi, which website did you get the nail strips from? They look really good! X

    1. Scrap that the link is working now ha! For some reason couldnt get it to work before :-/

  2. I have been wanting to try these forever! I love the print, so cute
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  3. Ooooh, I like the neutral print contrasted with the neon coral!

  4. I bought these in Florida last year and I found them much better than the Trendy Nail wraps which are far too thick. I usually use Minx but for everyday these are fab and mine lasted for ages on my toes!


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