REVIEW: Madonna Truth Or Dare Fragrance

Saturday 21 April 2012

Hey Ladies,

I'm not one for 'Celebrity' fragrances, in fact I have never owned one, if you asked me why i'd probably say because everyone so far that i've smelt have been overly sweet & just not for me. I only heard Madonna was releasing a fragrance when I was approached to review it & I was intrigued in what direction she would go with the fragrance, the usual tacky overly young & sweet mass produced celebrity scent or something more sophisticated & grown up, thankfully option A wasn't chosen.

'The unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive notes of wood and musk create a scent that is timeless yet modern, simultaneously dark and light. The addition of gourmand notes such as vanilla and caramelised amber ensures the scent stands out from traditional floral fragrances and gives it a contemporary edge.'

In a nutshell if I ever purchase a fragrance I always choose one with notes of wood & vanilla as they seem to suit me the most, I tend to run away from florals as they're just not me but I totally agree with the statement that the vanilla & amber giving the floral a contemporary edge as I absolutely love it. 

The floral notes makes it a light fragrance and wearable for the day time, the musk and wood give it a wonderful depth and the vanilla and amber give a sweetness which isn't too sickly all together these elements don't battle with each other for dominance they just balance themselves into a beautiful unique fragrance.

The bottle design is very minimalist which I like & fairly compact so great for the handbag & I have to say the lasting power on this is fantastic, it is only available as an Eau De Parfum so much more concentrated than an Eau De Toilette but I haven't found a fragrance last so long on me before even other Eau De Parfum's.

My overall thoughts on the Madonna Truth or Dare is positive, I'm so glad she didn't sell out for a tacky fragrance just to cash in but really had an input into the development of the scent as it was inspired by her mother's perfume, she said: 'She always smelled like Gardenias and Tuberose' and so wanted to recreate the scent. Well I don't know if she succeeded but if she did Madonna's mum was a lovely smelling lady!!

It's available exclusively in Selfridges until May £32.00 for 50mls & available in 30ml & 100ml sizes too.

Have you smelt this yet? What are your favourite Celebrity scents, are they all as bad as I have come to conclude or are some acceptable to wear?

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  1. How can you go wrong with a Madonna label? I was hoping I would see that at the Wilmington Mall earlier but they still don't have it in stock. They have a version of designer fragrances for that but I just couldn't be bothered. I want the real thing. Can you help? Cheers!


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