REVIEW: Dr Nick Lowe Dark Circle Correcting Cream

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Hey Ladies,

I probably have some of the darkest under eye circles known to man (slight exaggeration perhaps), I have to pile on concealer which although sorts them is sometimes not the look I want, if I want an effortless makeup look I really can't achieve it and pretty much makes me always tied to my makeup bag. Very few products can help as my dark circles aren't from lack of sleep or dehydration just those pesky hereditary ones so I look to eye creams to try & sort them out.

Dr Nick Lowe Dark Circles Correcting Cream *

"A unique anti dark circles fomula from Dr Nick Lowe, proven to help minimise the appearance of dark circles by helping to tighten, firm and tone the delicate eye area."

I have been using this eye cream by Dr Nick Lowe for a few months & I have to say I have really been enjoying it (as much as you can enjoy using an eyecream!) It is very hydrating but easily absorbed into the eye area so very convenient in the morning as fot the firming & tightening claims I can't really comment as i'm 25 & have nothing to tighten. 

As for the dark circle correcting claim I am unsold, like I said mine are very bad & I didn't seem to notice a huge reduction in them however I will say that when I stopped using this for a few nights & used a 'bog standard' eye cream I noticed my dark circles were horrendous so although it certainly hasn't cured mine it does keep them in check.
It is priced at around £15 & easily available from Boots, overall I really do like this eye cream & will definitely repurchase at some point!
Any one found an eye cream which banished their dark circles??


  1. Sweet review! Thanks for this post! I will include this in my list for this weekend! :)
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  2. I use this product and I love it xx


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