UPDATE: My dull dull life!

Sunday 24 June 2012

Hey Ladies,

Such an enticing title don't ya think? I thought I'd do a little update with a bit of house keeping just because it's my blog & I can!

I FINALLY managed to Ombré my hair, seriously this has been a two year struggle for me every time I attempted it something went wrong (seriously in one head of hair I once had blonde, brown, green & blue hair all at the same time), obviously because it's me & my hair was already light blonde I always attempted to darken just the roots & after failing so many times I just said sod it & coloured the whole lot darker & got a bit bleach happy. And you know what? I bloody love it! (sorry to start a sentence with the word 'and', my English GCSE teacher would be marking her screen in red ink if she was reading this) I constantly swish & I now have my dream hair, yes sad I know!

Illamasqua Freak
This has been the newest addition to my fragrance collection, I have wanted it since I smelt the sample in a Glossybox (the one time I was happy to see a perfume sample) but I rarely remember to spray perfume on myself so couldn't ever justify buying a fragrance for myself. I was seriously restrained, I then felt the need to be all grown up & own a Jo Malone fragrance so went to Selfridges to smell all the different offerings I then discovered they all smell rank so picked this up instead & couldn't be happier.

Described as ; 'A concoction of dangerously exotic unconventional flowers which Illamasqua has unashamedly blended together to celebrate the night'

I wont pretend to know the notes of the perfume or bore you by typing them all out, to me it smells like a deep spicy floral scent which packs a punch, it is very strong & as it's an eau de parfum lasts very well and I love it, it's like nothing I own & lets face it there's a snail on the bottle (I named him Cyril) It's genius.

In other news:

  • I saw 'The Five Year Engagement' & thought it was brilliant, I was laughing majorly in parts & got a little bit choked up in others. It's rare that I want to go & see a film again immediately afterwards in the cinema because it cost such a bloody lot to go. (when did it get so expensive, it wasn't even 3D!)
  • Speaking of films I am counting down the hours until Magic Mike is released, I have my tent ready for an over night stay outside the cinema (I am joking but wish I wasn't) & despite being an atheist may have said a little prayer to baby Jesus that it is being released in 3D (the fact that it isn't confirms my atheism) 
  • I am really putting myself on a clothes shopping ban as I've bought loads recently (will be doing a haul when a few bits arrive) but in the same month I got my dream hair I finally found my dream boots ... exciting!
  • I am allowing myself a few makeup / skincare purchases on payday as well as some very boring purchases (read new glasses uck!) so recommend me things to look up, I am currently working on a wish list post!

I think that's all in order now & you've been updated on my extremely dull life of hair & perfume & trip to the cinema! Has anyone else seen 'The five year engagement'? Jason Segal is just my soul mate I swear ... don't tell my other half he may get disheartened! or have you any great product recommendations? I'm after a serum & eye cream, I am getting a new foundation but my mind is pretty much made up (MUFE Matt Velvet Plus). I hope you're all well & tolerating the England match if you're in our neck of the woods ( I understand most females aren't a fan, I personally have been loving football on everyday, I was raised in a house with just a dad & two brothers so can't get enough)


  1. Haha- I can't wait to see Magic Mike too! Have watched the trailer a number of times! x

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! Very beachy and summer ready. It suits you really well too! x

  3. You're such a babe. Seriously need Freak in my life xx

  4. Ooooooh I now need Freak purely for the snail!!

    I am a marketing mans dream

  5. Ahh your hair is fab! I love it, wish mine was long enough that ombre looked good lol. I cannot wait to see Five Year Engagement, it looks so good and I love Jason Segal too! xx


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