REVIEW: Kérastase Cristalliste Shampoo

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Hey Ladies,

I never seemed to bother spending money on hair care I'm usually more than satisfied with lower end shampoos as I never thought they could make any difference to my hair they just cleansed it ready for the conditioner. I am happy to report I may have now changed my mind.

Kérastase Crustalliste Shampoo *

'Kérastase Cristalliste Baine Fine is a gentle yet effective shampoo that works to trap and dissolve impurities to leave fine hair thoroughly cleansed. The ‘Liquid Light’ complex, smoothes down the hair to leave it looking full of lustre, shiny and positively luminous.'

I actually won this in a Twitter giveaway from Kérastase and even though I had seen it on blogs I don't know if I would have tried it for myself. I cannot describe how much I love this shampoo and how much of a difference it has made to my hair.

As a bit of a background I have long fine hair, I did ombré it a while ago and so it is damaged at the ends but at the roots it gets greasy very quickly, I can wash my hair at night & the next morning I usually require dry shampoo. I basically need to wash my hair every morning to appear groomed which isn't something I want to do as I get up at 6am as it is!

This shampoo manages to give my hair the clean of its life without drying the ends out whatsoever, it contains no silicones so it doesn't weigh fine hair down either but the main difference is my hair doesn't get oily half as quickly when using this shampoo which means I can get away without washing my hair everyday & still looking presentable at work. It also smells great too!

It is prices at £13.90 for 250ml, it lasted me quite a decent amount of time so I would happily buy this & in fact have already, if you shop around it is cheaper as well & you always get free delivery from places like Look Fantastic.

I definitely want to check out the rest of the collection and may have placed an order for another hyped up Kérastase product so watch out for that, have you tried any of the collection??


  1. I've not used Kerastase myself for years but it's what they use at my hairdressers and it's always great. I used to just use whatever was on offer at Boots but been trying some higher end stuff of late and I'm really impressed :-)

  2. Hi Nicola, thanks for your post. I felt the same way about shampoo and always thought that they didn't really have much of an effect on my hair. I'll definitely be checking this one out, it sounds fab

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