Stoptober Review: Vapestick Electronic Cigarette

Saturday 20 October 2012

Hey Ladies,

October 1st saw the beginning of Stoptober and although I'm not a smoker I do have someone close to me which does smoke which I hate and so when I was offered an electronic cigarette for consideration for a review I knew exactly who would be testing it out.
      The idea of Stoptober is that those people who manage to go smoke free for 28 days are five times more likely to stop smoking for good, some people find the easiest way to quit is to go cold turkey however others to need cigarette substitutes which is where electronic cigarettes come into play.

Vapestick Max *

The Review:

'I have tried a few different electronic cigarettes before mainly ones Nicola has bought on websites like Groupon that have been on offer and I used them begrudgingly but always returned to smoking 'real' cigaretts once the cartridges had ran out because they are so expensive to keep buying and you can't just pop down to the shop to get some you have to order them online and wait for them to arrive. In the end it becomes too inconvenient and more expensive than actually smoking, the one difference I noticed with the Vapestick refills is they actually last a long time much longer than any of the ones i've previously tried and I can buy them in my local Tesco which is not exactly the corner shop but easier than waiting for a delivery of a package & estimating when i'll run out to order more.
          Economy terms one cartridge is supposed to be the equivalent of approximately 15 cigarettes and with the average price of 80p per cartridge this method is significantly cheaper than smoking and so switching to the electronic version of smoking in order to eventually cut down & quit doesn't cost you more and so is a motivation not to give in. Also a great thing about going electronic is that you can help wean your addiction to nicotine by gradually using the lower strengths in your refills.
         So i'm currently 20 days into Stoptober with the help of my Vapestick & I haven't missed or craved smoking 'real' cigarettes once, ultimately it's better than smoking, it doesn't smell or cause any people near you to inhale anything that will harm them including my son & the flavours of refills you can buy are strangely nice (the apple one I enjoyed Nicola did not & nearly chocked). The actual kit you will need to buy is an investment as they're not exactly the cheapest of kits but the refills are cheaper than cigarettes so ultimately you will save money & you can't really put a price on your health'

You can find out more about Vapestick here & hopefully if you smoke & never considered using an electronic cigarette to quit you might look further into it.


  1. Great idea. My mums a smoker and I want her to stop so I'm gonna invest in one of these for her.

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