REVIEW: Total Hair Experts Make It Big

Sunday 11 November 2012

Hey Ladies,

It seems these hot air stylers are everywhere at the moment & so thought i'd share my thoughts on the one i've been trying out recently!

Total Hair Experts Make It Big*

I am the laziest person when it comes to my hair, day to day I blow dry it roughly & that's about it however if I am going out for the evening I do like to put some sort of effort in so thought a hot air styler would come in handy.

The first time I used this I used it on towel dried hair as I have seen people do with other brands of these type of stylers & I got a little impatient as it was taking forever so gave up & just blow dried it. What struck me about this particular model is the barrel doesn't actually move like others on the market, initially I thought that it was a real negative & then realised it probably wouldn't be as I am likely to get my long hair caught in a moving barrel.

I kind of dismissed it & thought it was a little pointless for me because I have too much hair for it to be worth while doing even for a night out. However I got home from work one night & had to get ready to go out for dinner but didn't have time to re-wash my hair so I thought i'd try using this on my dry hair to perk it up a little. It worked a treat and I realised that it is amazing for the day after your hair has been washed as it adds so much volume & bounce to limp tired hair.

All I do is spray my hair with some heat protector & then the hair section, wrap it round the barrel until its at my scalp, turn on the heat & leave for a few seconds & then push the green 'cool' button for a second & then hold in place for a few more seconds then release my hair and i'm left with fresh bouncy hair that looks like it has been freshly salon dried.

If you are in the market for this type of hair tool I really recommend this plus at the moment it is on offer for £16.50 so a total bargain.

Total Hair Experts are a new brand to the market & currently exclusive to Tesco stores, they have a few different hair tools in the range & currently they are all on offer so you can get some of them up to half price. I am definitely going to be looking at their curling tongues & their conical wand.


  1. £16.50?! that's an amazing deal. definitely going to check it out! xx

  2. I have the Wave Hello tongs, and they are great for long or mid length hair. They add such a big bouncy curl, and great value.


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