REVIEW: Alterna Bamboo Smooth Duo

Sunday 3 February 2013

Hey Ladies

I have been recommended Alterna by countless hairdressers over the years and mostly not let it sink in, mainly due to the 20 or so sets of shampoo & conditioners that I already own. I finally have gotten the chance to delve into the brand with the Smooth range so though I'd report on my findings.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner *
'Enriched with pure organic Bamboo extract, it works to effectively fortify and strengthen hair, whilst organic Kendi Oil (a rich source of essential fatty acids) works to repair and maintain hairs natural lipid layer.'

First of all I love the design of the bottles, not only because they're bamboo shaped but also because they have those click lock tops & you just squeeze it out, no mess no fuss!

Secondly, the shampoo is possibly the thickest shampoo I've ever used. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does take a little longer to distribute through the whole of your hair than a thinner shampoo.

In terms of frizz control all I can say is 'Whoa'; I never thought my hair was particularly frizzy but once i'd used the combination of the shampoo & conditioner my hair was seriously smooth. It feels like I have run a pair of GHD's through it when all I do is roughly blow dry it.

Both products are sulphate & sodium chloride free and are available from Look Fantastic & HQ Hair for £16.75 each, I would recommend them to anyone with frizzy damaged hair, they will save you a lot of future damage from straighteners.

Have any of you tried anything from the Alterna range? What do you recommend?


  1. This sounds good! I always get dry ends on my fringe & no conditioner helps! (I always end up chopping it)! Would you say it seals dry ends too?

  2. These look great! xxx


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