REVIEW: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Carina

Sunday 23 June 2013

Hey Ladies,

I currently have an addiction to lipstick in particular orangy reds (3 have been purchased in the past month) so I thought i'd do some reviews of the formula as they're all pretty different. First up Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Carina

These were recommended to me by the lovely Farrah (someone who shares my love of dogs & chocolate) and I have to say she is totally on the money.

These lipsticks are crazily pigmented and one quick swipe is all you need, overloading your lips is a mistake you'll make at some point when trying a liquid lipstick in particular the matte ones and when you do it not only looks terrible, it feels awful like your lips are dying on your face.

When applied correctly you are left with the most intense featherweight matte lipstick which is very long lasting, does it last all day? My findings: it depends;

If you don't eat or drink much during the day it lasts perfectly but if you are partial to food (ie me) they last fine but you will need to touch it up around the inside of the lip (putting a lip pencil on before does help with the appearance between topping up).

Of course the more neutral shades you're likely to get away with a bit of wearing off compared to the bold shades, to me these are perfect for a night at a cocktail bar (straws even with Martini's girls), for a night out in clubs I can get a bit lipstick happy and end up reapplying even when it isn't needed with my drunk eyesight (one eye squinted, anyone else do this when they're slightly intoxicated?) so it could get messy and extremely cakey.

They are rrp £15.00 (currently £11.25 for most shades on

Price - 4/5 definitely not the most expensive in the market and perform a hell of a lot better than any I've tried so I will buy more shades (may have just purchased 5).
Lasting Power - 4/5 don't last all day as they claim but I'm definitely an eater, if you're careful these will see you through 5 or so hours of an occasional beverage.
Quality - 5/5 the texture is extremely light on your lips with one coat, the applicator is a nice shape making it easy to apply directly to your lips, I think they're a far superior quality than ones I've tried that are £25!
Smell - 5/5 these babies smell like caramel enough said.

18/20 - A definite recommendation to anyone who dislikes reapplying lipstick and wants to cut back on eating so much (they definitely stop me snacking so much at the office).

Have you tried any liquid lipsticks, which is your favourite?


  1. This is perfect! Lovely shade x

  2. love this! on my holiday makeup wish list!

  3. Gorgeous - IN MY BASKET THAT GOES!

  4. Oh my goshhh that's gorgeous!

  5. WOAH! Gorgeous color!! <3 amazing!!

  6. Neon Pink and so beautiful! Application looks flawless!


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