Spring Nail Polish Picks

Saturday 1 June 2013

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd pick my favourite nail polish colours that scream of Spring and although I don't usually stick to seasonally appropriate colours I know some people do. If my cuticles look a little sore on some of the pictures it is because they were, I suffered for this post.
Essie - Bikini So Teeny, Essie - Lilacism, OPI - Lucky Lucky Lavender,
OPI - Done out In Deco, Bourjois - BcBeige, Orly - Cashmere Cardigan,
Orly- Lolipop, Mavala - Aquamarine, Essie - Fiji.
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Essie - Bikini So Teeny - £7.99
Initially I really disliked this polish on myself but I slowly started to appreciate the shade, it is a cool light periwinkle blue with silver shimmer running through it which no doubt would look stunning with a bit of a spring tan.

Essie - Lilacism - £7.99
I love a bit of lilac on my nails in the spring (hence there being three in this post) this pick is the most true lilac of the trio very cool in tone and just the perfect light lilac shade for spring.

OPI - Lucky Lucky Lavender - £6.99
This is a very pink toned lilac shade which goes on like a dream, perfect for a pretty outfit & bare legs if you dare.

OPI - Done out in Deco - Various - eBay
Possibly my favourite lilac shade in my whole collection and it is my 'go to' (ugh hate that phrase) shade for when I can't decide what shade to paint my nails, it is a very toned down grey toned lilac. Unfortunately it has been discontinued & is going for large amounts on eBay so I will now be substituting it as my 'go to' and saving it for best. Perfect shade, application and wear.

Bourjous - BeBeige - £5.99
This is a lovely creamy beige shade and I thought it would be a bitch to apply but surprisingly opaque in two coats and a great shade for when you don't have time to worry about your nail polish clashing with your outfits.

Orly - Cashmere Cardigan - £5.63
This is a true periwinkle blue which is the perfect balance between blue and purple. I couldn't miss this out of my spring picks because it's the one shade I truly am seasonally appropriate with.

Orly - Cotton Candy - £8.15
A light baby pink had to be included in a spring polish post and Cotton Candy is a beautiful pastel pink like the colour of carnations and applies beautifully, it is possibly the only light pink I tend to wear as it's so easy to apply (unlike other light pinks) and wears like a dream.

Mavala - Aquamarine - £4.00
I did a post about my favourite minty green polishes (Link) and this is a beautiful one for spring as it is a true pastel mint green with a gorgeous golden shimmer running through it.

Essie - Fiji - £7.99
This is a pink toned white polish, absolutely stunning in spring summer with a tan and the polish I get asked the most about when I wear it from strangers. With the new brushes which we have been fortunate to be handed in the UK this applies very easily but with the old brush I know it is a little challenging to get even.

Like I said I'd happily wear most of these in the depths of winter as I'm not really seasonally appropriate with my nail polish. I will be doing a summer nail picks so let me know if you would like it in blog or video form & also you HAVE to let me know your favourite spring nail polishes.


  1. Such lush shades! I need to invest in some orly nail varnishes I always love them when I get my nails done!! xo

  2. These colours are gorgeous xxx

  3. Great choices, I love Bikini So Teeny it is such a pretty colour x

  4. lovely colours..all of them are just too good

  5. Some really lovely polishes in this post!


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