Festival Fashion: Ombré, Playsuits & Maxi's

Saturday 6 July 2013

Hey Ladies,
As it is festival season and I happen to be going to Wireless next weekend I thought I would put together some outfits with my favourite trends. (Click on the picture to find out the details of the items)

These ombré shorts are the focus of this outfit and I love that Hunter do wellies in pastel colours they're so fun compared to black and the Rebecca Minkoff handbags are perfect for festivals as you can wear them across your body so both hands are free to put your diamonds in the sky!

Playsuits are so effortless and they are the epitome of cool paired with some chunky ankle boots, a hat and no festival would be complete without some sort of fringed accessory right? Going to the bathroom might be an issue but totally worth it for the outfit.

Maxi skirts and dresses are summer essentials and we all love to channel the inner hippy at a festival (or my whole life). I think the skirt outfit is my favourite of them all (the red playsuit outfit coming in second) as the top is stunning I paired it with the chunky shoes as it was heading too femmine and I wanted to toughen it up a little. The dress is just plain tie dye fun loving hippy, a feather headband and wavy long hair would complete this outfit perfectly.

I haven't ever been to a festival so any tips you have let me know, thankfully Wireless is a none camping festival so I don't have to mess about with a tent! I love music everything from Jay Z to Mumford & Sons so I think i'll enjoy attending a festival, I seriously can't wait to see Hova and might even get some Bestival Tickets too!! I will be doing a beauty edition for my Festival essentials so watch out for that.


  1. Soooo many gorgeous pieces :) I love the lilac wellies xxx

  2. I really love those shorts and willies!love those colours!

  3. omg am lusting after these shoes and bags..btw have you announced the winner of ipad hun?i was curious to know

  4. The ombré shorts look great, very keen on how they are perfect for summer. It would be easy to love the green maxi skirt so it seems that I am in agreement with you about that outfit. Those sandals look really good as well. Thank you for including all of the photos.

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