REVIEW: Wireless 2013

Sunday 21 July 2013

Hey Ladies,
Well the weather in the UK is phenomenal at the moment and last weekend it tied in perfectly with the Yahoo Wireless festival, I was possibly the worlds most excited person when I was offered the chance to attend as my favourite rapper ever and possibly one of my favourite people Jay Z (apparently he's dropped the hyphen in his name FYI) was headlining.

I actually lost my camera on the day so had to borrow some from the Wireless site to give you a picture of the event!

I attended on the Sunday and not only was I treated to Jay Z but to another favourite rapper of mine: Nas who had a set a bit earlier on so I was primed for HOVA!! I'm not the biggest Justin Timberlake fan (that new video with all the boobs seriously annoys me! I think he's doing anything so people don't remember his N'Sync days & that curly blonde perm, I Justin will NEVER FORGET) but I do like the new collaboration with Jay Z so I think their set tied in nicely with each other. Jay Z performed some of the classics like 99 Problems, Big Pimping & Public Service Announcement so I was merrily rapping along and they merged some of their songs really nicely like I Just Wanna Love You with Rock Your Body.

The atmosphere was incredible, the sun was shining, people were enjoying a beverage or two and my first festival really didn't disappoint. I thoroughly recommend attending next year, if you think you won't enjoy the camping side of festivals this is a great option as its a none-camping one, it might take me a few goes before I brave Glastonbury.

Did you attend Wireless, what did you think of the headliners? Hopefully I will be able to see Jay Z again very soon if I can get my paws on some o2 tickets for his Magna Carter Holy Grail tour this year! If I could hear him perform live Ni@*as in Paris live with Kanye it would complete my life as it is possibly my favourite ever song, to the point where my friends text me when it's on the radio or when they're in clubs!

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