REVIEW: Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Hey Ladies,
Me and my yellow skin; that would totally be my autobiography title if anyone cared enough to read it (my Nan being the only one), having this clear deformity (very much sarcasm) means my skin is naturally very dull, dull dull dull. This is known on twitter as HASH TAG first world problems, thankfully there are a few products that can brighten my complexion and make me look like I am not going into liver failure.
balance Me Radiance Face Mask*
'Cleanse, exfoliate and brighten your skin with Balance Me Radiance Face Mask, a unique, purifying blend of radiance enhancing natural ingredients. Ground walnut shells gently buff away dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal, skin is left calm, soft and thoroughly cleansed.' 

You can use this product as an everyday face wash or an intense treatment, personally I prefer it as a mask as the results are amazing, it immediately gives your complexion a kick in the rear and brings it back to life. Your skin is left smooth as silk, brighter than the sun (well perhaps not quite) and if you have any break outs they look so much calmer and soothed.

These days I am not one for manual exfoliation so the kernels in this product were a bit of a transition but they are very gentle and as long as you don't massage too much they shouldn't cause any irritation to the skin. The kernels together with the fruit acid complex contained in the formula are the key to how soft and smooth your skin feels post treatment, one of the main ingredients is Kaolin clay which means it is great for oily/congested skin and calamine oil combined with lavender help to soothe the complexion.

This is such a wonderful quick fix, the benefits to your skin are immediately noticeable and so it is a great product to have in your skincare drawer (you haven't got a drawer dedicated to skin care? sort it out immediately or be prepared to be booted off this blog). Plus 98% of natural origin and £18.00 for 75mls (here) this is a total winner for me!

So far I haven't been disappointed by any product that I've tried from BalanceMe, have you tried anything from the range?


  1. This sounds fab! I love a bit of bottled radiance :) xx

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about this mask. Love balance me products!


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