REVIEW: Ren Clarifying Toner

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Hey Ladies,

Manual exfoliation is quickly becoming a tool of the past, it can irritate certain skin types more than any benefit it may have to the skin. Skincare has come on in leaps and bounds with acidic exfoliation, and whilst the word toner might be completely old school the new generation of toners are as are as modern as they come.
'A refreshing exfoliating toning lotion that unclogs pores and sloughs off dead skin leaving the complexion looking clear, smooth and even toned. Reduces the appearance of pore size and oiliness while its antimicrobial action minimizes future breakouts.'
Refreshing is the perfect word I would use to describe this toner which makes it perfect for mornings, the smell isn't my favourite but perfectly tolerable and dissipates fairly quickly.

If you are used to exfoliating toners such as Alpha H Liquid Gold this will feel like nothing on your skin as it is so mild, initially having been used to the stronger acidic based exfoliators I thought it was pretty useless for me but I found as a morning toner it works a treat for controlling oil during the day.

Ingredients wise the toner is free from most skin nasties, there's a little alcohol but it is at the bottom of the list, active ingredients are glycolic, lactic and citric acids to exfoliate, decongest and remove the dead skin cells, willow bark extract which is another exfoliator and has antibacterial properties to purify congested skin and finally May blossom extract which helps to reduce sebum production.

If you're more on the sensitive side this will be a great exfoliating toner to start off with as it is extremely gentle but really does make a difference to the overall health of your skin, when used regularly your skin will be softer, clearer, you will have less break outs and it really does control the oil on your face during the day.

Price wise it's £18.00 for 150ml so very good value, plus on sites like LookFantastic (here) there's always a discount code around payday. (Currently PAYDAY10)

Have you tried any exfoliating toners? Which are your favourites?


  1. Seriously need to give myself a real kick up the backside when it comes to skincare and this month I'm going to avoid spending any money on anything but some decent products. I'm thinking this might be one of them as I'm keen to try an exfoliating toner. Xx

  2. I have this too- I find it very very gentle on my skin. i think i might need to up the anti to Alpha H x

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