REVIEW: Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo & Conditioner

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Hey Ladies,
After intensifying my ombré hair (read: bleached my hair) my frazzled ends were in desperate need for some TLC. I have heard some great things about the Sebastian Professional Penetraitt range so was rather keen to try the shampoo and conditioner duo.
Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo & Conditioner *
'Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner is essential care for your damaged hair, to strengthen any look, any time while removing and guarding it from stress caused from past chemical treatments and heat damage.'

I usually measure the effectiveness of a strengthening and repairing hair care range by the shampoo, shampoo is obviously designed to cleanse the hair and most shampoos really strip the hair at the same time. When a brand claims to repair and strengthen the hair if the shampoo dries your hair out you may as well not use it and find a different brand that doesn't, thankfully this shampoo is very gentle to your hair and if you skip conditioner (something I do quite a lot) your hair is still manageable and you can de-knott it without pulling half your hair out ready for blow drying.

The range comes into its own with the conditioner; it is fantastic. Smells lovely (completely different from the shampoo which is weird as most products within the same range smell the same) and it is almost like a hair mask, very thick and rich in consistency. I usually wash my hair and leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes in the shower and as soon as you rinse you hair feels like new. It is softer, smoother, frizz free and feels like you've not damaged your hair in the first place.

As you can tell I definitely recommend this duo, they are available individually rrp £12.50 for the shampoo (Link), £14.50 for the Conditioner (Link) or as part of a set for £22.10 (Link). For the damaged hair sisters out there this is a saviour, all I can say is I cannot wait to buy the Penetraitt conditioning mask!

What are your hair products that save the day when you've fried your hair??

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