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Sunday 27 October 2013

Hey Ladies,

In January I swore to myself I would never get nail extensions ever again after discovering the ease of at home gel manicures however every now and again I crave some super girly long nails. When I saw ASOS were stocking the House of Holland nails I just had to try them with the justification that stick on nails aren't as bad for your nails as extensions.

Got to say I LOVE these nails, if you are going to a party or an event and want some super fun nails the range is fantastic. The collection is a selection on 8 designs ranging from the more subtle like the Heart Breaker (Link) or the Classy Nude (Link) alternatively you could go for the completely in your face designs like Zig Zag Stardust (Link) or Face Ache (Link).

Like all stick on nails they are super easy to apply and like all stick on nails you will glue your fingers together at some point! If you have petite nails they might not be for you as the nails in general are quite big, the kit contains enough nails for two applications but I couldn't use the rest without some serious reshaping to fit my nails as my left over nails are far too wide.

Another point to note is that these are super super long; It seriously took me five minutes to put my bra on in the morning after applying them. I couldn't type, I couldn't text, I couldn't apply my makeup; I was totally incapacitated. Once I got used to them most of my daily tasks were achievable however typing on my keyboard at work was a challenge throughout having them on my nails so if you're an office worker prepare yourself to be completely inefficient!

Despite all this I loved having these on my nails, they are super feminine and fun and they lasted on my nails over a week with ease (I only removed them as I had a nail appointment) I thought soaking them off my nails would take forever and a day but happily it took very little time and my nails were left completely undamaged!

You can purchase them from ASOS for £8.00 (Link) but they don't stock the whole range however Boots do and they are available from £7.99 (Link) I highly recommend these nails for a fun look if you enjoy the long rounded nail trend but don't want to commit to extensions (which I totally had done at my appointment just not as long oops)

Have you tried the House of Holland nails? I didn't apply the Heart Broken nails as i'm not Broken Hearted so why would I!!

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