REVIEW: HealGel Eyes

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Hey Ladies,

My dark circles are the bane of my life, no matter how much sleep I have they always haunt me. Finding an eye cream which claims to banish the circles has been my obsession and to be honest most don't do diddily to help; thankfully Heal Gel Eyes seems to have answered some of my prayers.
HealGel Eyes*
'Provides a pick me up for tired eyes and improves the elasticity of the skin through intense hydration, dual action hyaluronic acid complex locks moisture deeper into the skin and firms eye contours’

I was very sceptical about a gel being enough moisture for my eyes as they can get quite dry at times but I haven’t had any trouble with dry skin, initially I was applying another eye cream over it at night for reassurance but it didn't take me long to work out it was unnecessary.

The formula is a very light gel and easily absorbs into the skin leaving no stickiness or residue meaning it is perfect in the morning before applying makeup.

I have noticed a difference in my dark circles’ in the sense that they have improved, they're obviously not completely eradicated but a visible improvement which I mainly noticed after I lost the tube for a week or so and truly saw the difference when I hadn’t been using it.

£32.00 for 15mls (Hereis quite pricey however the ingredients and their effects means I would happily pay the price and it does warrant the higher price tag. 

Have you tried any of the HealGel products? I seriously want to try one for my face next it definitely needs a little help at the moment!


  1. I love HealGel eye. It feels so lovely on doesn't it? Super cooling. I have HealGel Face too which is just as amazing. I've been using them both for a few months now and can't imagine not having them in my life, they're just that fantastic! Really do recommend the Face if you haven't tried it already!
    Hope you're well?
    Laura xx

  2. I love this eye product too. Properly makes a difference to the colour under my eyes x


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