REVIEW: LimeCrime Babette Lipstick

Thursday 17 October 2013

Hey Ladies,
After having my lips done (Post here) I was determined to find a nude lipstick, previous to having them plumped I thought nude shades made my lips look like they had disappeared so I tended to avoid them. So now not only have I still got my orangey red lipstick obsession I also now am on the search for the perfect nude.
Lime Crime Babette 

As you can probably tell this is a very bold shade, it is described by Lime Crime as a 'Pastel Coral' and if I had to describe it I would say it was a bright pastel peach rather than coral as there's no red undertones whatsoever. Formula wise it is VERY (caps for effect) opaque and it isn't one I could use straight from the tube and get swipe happy; it is a lipstick which I need to apply lightly and push into the lips with a finger otherwise I can look like a complete wally. Not only is it super pigmented it is seriously creamy which means it isn't as long lasting on the lips as a matte lipstick but it doesn't dry your lips out like many matte lipsticks so for the drier lipped ladies this could be one for you as the formula really is lovely.
Packaging gets a big old 10 out of 10 as it's bright bloody pink with a freaking holographic unicorn on it, thumbs up Lime Crime.
Lime Crime will set you back £11.50 which I think is pretty reasonable for the uniqueness of the shade range available, I already had another shade from the range and was happy to purchase another I seriously want to buy the shade Geranium next.
Have you got any nude shades to recommend? Whilst I really like this shade i'm after one I can slap on without a mirror and due to the patting in this ain't it.


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  2. Maybe the photos don't show the brightness but I think this shade actually looks lovely on you! I am a fan of nudes and your lips but better colours,and my most reached for lipstick is Mac Creme Cup.

  3. Hi Nicola, Glad to see your enjoying your lips they look fantastic! That lipstick really suits you.
    See you soon! Bianca Estelle

  4. I've wanted to try LimeCrime for forever, this seems a fairly safe place to start!


  5. Amazing color!! Unfortunately at this moment is sold out! I just bought Airborne Unicorn!!


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