REVIEW: ARK Hydrating SkinResponse Serum

Tuesday 31 December 2013

ARK Hydrating SkinResponse Serum*
I had been using a popular serum made famous by bloggers for a couple of months before trying the ARK serum and it has made me realise that despite its ability to hold 1000x its own weight in water yada yada yada it is well and truly pants for my skin; and I will tell how I reached this conclusion.

I received a lovely package from ARK in the post a few days before my birthday and since I got NO presents (yes you read that right) I decided this was a gift. Since I was unhappy with the aforementioned serum I was using at the time I basically broke my current rule about using up products and immediately slapped this on my skin.

'Cocoon your skin in a veil of hydration. The serum instantly hydrates thirsty skin and plumps up fine lines. Packed with minerals, it provides an intense burst of moisture to smooth roughness and protect against dullness and the effects of ageing.'

The texture of this serum is pretty baffling, when you apply it to your skin it feels like an oil but it isn't an oil because once it's blended it feels like a normal serum this stuff really does confuse me on a nightly basis.

I have seen a huge difference in my skin, even other people have noticed and commented which is a rarity. My skin is always dehydrated which at times can really magnify my pores, the SkinResponse serum has plumped up my skin an incredible amount and really solved my dehydration issues completely and thus plumped up my pores which look so much better.

This made me realise; why is using a serum that solely helps to make your moisturiser more effective better than using a moisturising serum underneath a moisturiser? The latter is much more effective on my skin and the proof is in my plumped pudding.

£39.00 for 30mls (here) it isn't the cheapest of serums but it is incredibly effective and a little of it goes a long way so it will last at least four months if not six.

Have you used the infamous bloggers serum I'm talking about? What were your thoughts/conclusions?

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