REVIEW: Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Hey Ladies,
I have been dabbling in chemical exfoliants for the last two years, one brand I wanted to try for about a year was Cane + Austin; I had heard amazing things about both their Acne & Retexturizing pads as I had a stock pile of other products of the same nature I behaved myself until one day I caved (Space NK free delivery gets me every time).
Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads
'Specially formulated with 10% Glycolic Acid derived from natural Sugar Cane, Retexturizing Treatment Pads are an easy and effective way of re-texturizing the skin to reveal a more radiant and clear complexion.'
I was torn between which product to get, the Acne pads I had heard from several reviews totally cleared up congestion and acne however when I looked at the ingredients alcohol was pretty high on the list so that pretty much made the decision for me and I purchased the Retexturizing pads.

If you haven't ever used a chemical exfoliant before I would advise you to steer clear of these pads because boy are they strong. I have used a lot of different levels of acidic toners in my time and none have stung like this. These things sting and leave your face a little red; personally I love this as I know it's having an effect however if you're just starting out with these types of products I'd recommend working your way up to these.

If you can take the 10% glycolic acid then you will see amazing results, used at night after cleansing your face you just buff them on the skin and when you wake up your skin will be soft as silk. Long term effects I have noticed is in the tone and texture of my skin, without makeup my skin is even with no dark patches which people comment on whenever they see me without makeup and they have also helped to rid my skin of any under the skin bumps. In terms of fine lines and wrinkles I couldn't exactly comment due to the fact I don't really have any and in the treatment of enlarged pores I don't really think anything can shrink them however the acid helps to prevent blockages and therefore prevent spots from forming.

The benefits of acidic toners to the skin are not only to make sure your skin is smoother, even and congestion free but to make the products used in conjunction work better; without the dead skin on the dermis serums and moisturisers are more easily absorbed and so not sitting on the skin causing blockages again helping to prevent breakouts. As you can probably guess I'm a total convert.

The main reason I hesitated in purchasing the Cane + Austin Retexturizing Pads was the price; £48 for 60 pads seemed a lot to waste if I didn't like them however when I saw you can get 25 individually wrapped pads for £24 (Link) I took the plunge. I actually prefer the individually wrapped pads as they won't dry out like they potentially could in a big tub of them and if you're away for a night or two they're much more travel friendly, I actually only use half a pad at a time as they're so big so I cut one in half and place the other back in the foil and reseal it for the night and it doesn't dry out so it's a way of making them last longer making them better value for money.

Would I repurchase again? Definitely, they do have a new 'Miracle Pad' out which is 20% glycolic acid which I would love to try but they don't sell them in the individual packets plus I think they'd melt my face off! Which chemical exfoliators do you use? or are you one of those lost in the dark ages still using manual exfoliators?

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