REVIEW: Code Beautiful VLM Mascara

Thursday 27 February 2014

Code Beautiful Volumising Lengthening Mascara*
I have recently stopped wearing mascara everyday; I felt even with an oil cleanser I was pulling on my eyes and lashes which isn't the best thing to do on the delicate eye area. I wanted to find a mascara that was more gentle on my eyes and easily removable and the Code Beautiful Volumising Lengthening mascara seemed to be the answer to my daily prayers.

'CODE Beautiful VLM is a luscious glossy black fibre based mascara with an exceptional brush that gives fabulous lash lift, length and volume. Its amazing build on build technology allows you to build layers for the perfect look day or night. '

I am a huge fan of this mascara for my everyday use, the brush is great for achieving full volumised separated lashes without much fuss and it really is great at holding the curl in your lashes. It's long wearing and smudge proof and is actually good for your lashes with the addition of vitamins and waxes to the formula to encourage lash growth.

This mascara has won my everyday mascara crown due to the fact that it is the easiest mascara to remove I've ever come across, tube mascaras are designed to be removed with water and whilst I still use my oil cleanser it requires no tugging or pulling it just glides off. When you're tired after a long week it is a god send believe me.

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