REVIEW: Nanokeratin REplenish Colour Preserving Mask

Sunday 9 March 2014

Nanokeratin REplensish Colour Preserving Mask*
If you're spending good money at the salon getting your hair coloured you really should invest in some great colour protecting products, they really do make the difference in how your colour is maintained and the overall health of your hair.

The REplenish range by Nanokeratin is designed for coloured treated hair, the mask has anti-fade technology which replenishes and balances the condition of your hair ensuring optimum moisture levels without stripping the colour.

This is a fantastic hair mask if you have damaged colour treated hair, for a quick treatment I use it in the shower after i've shampooed and try to leave it in for a good 5 minutes or if I want to give my hair a thorough treat I apply it before bed and wash it out in the morning. It makes my hair so incredibly soft and it feels like new, because I ombré my hair in reverse (I have naturally light blonde hair so colour the top of my hair darker) I have to occasionally lift the blonde further up my hair which involves a bit of bleach and with one overnight soak with this stuff it feels like nothing ever touched my hair.

It is available from Nanokeratin salons as a treatment and you can find your local salon on the Nanokeratin site (Link) it is also available to purchase rrp £57.29 which is a bit of a big splurge but you do get a massive 500mls for your money and this stuff is amazing and you don't need much to see the results.

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