Mani Monday: IBD Just Gel Polish in Infinitely Curious

Monday 28 April 2014

IBD Just Gel Infinitely Curious
I don't think i've ever owned a neon nail polish before, I am usually all about the creamy pastels; that all came crashing down when I saw a Red Carpet Manicure shade in a gorgeous neon orangey red. Typically the shade is no longer available so I took to google and discovered this gem.

Boy is it neon and you know what? I bloody well love it; I applied it over a coat of white gel saving me about 100 coats to get it this eye poppingly neon.

I cannot wait to make a custom colour by adding a bit of red into this to see if I can emulate some of my favourite lipsticks and get all matchy matchy; in the mean time I will look down upon my nails with some shades on and I couldn't be happier.

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