NOTD: Nails Inc Richmond Gardens Floral & New YouTube Video

Sunday 13 July 2014

Some nail polishes come along and I just have to own it ... right then ... right there. The Richmond Gardens Floral polish was one, it's packed with turquoise, green, white and chunky floral shaped glitter. The base is clear so you do need to wear a coloured polish underneath, I paired it with a mint green gel polish that I custom mixed using a few Gelish polishes.

You do need to pack it on to get the glitter covering your nail and the floral glitter pieces are a bit difficult to get out of the bottle but once you do I love the look, it's just a great fun summer manicure.

It will set you back £10.68 (Link) and can liven up any dud nail polishes you may have.

In other news I totally forgot to mention on here that I have revived my YouTube career (HA) and made a video and of course it had to be a favourites so head on over to my channel (Link) and have a watch ... oh and don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe ... I already sound like a pro!


  1. Stunning! It's like nail art in a bottle :) I'll have to give this a try x

    Sarah @ xx

  2. It's cute, I like the colours! Remind me of the Feather ones they had a while back!



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