FAVOURITES: November 2014

Sunday 30 November 2014

I say it constantly but seriously, where has this year gone? November is behind us which gets us all (well some of us) very excited for the month ahead. I love the festive period but really dislike Christmas day, I've said it before but I HATE opening gifts in front of people it makes me so uncomfortable!

Anyway on to a round up of my monthly favourites and this month is jam packed with some of my all time favourites!

Alpha H Triple Action Cleanser (Link)
I recently purchased an Alpha H duo which was a complete steal as it contained a full size Liquid Gold and full sized cleanser for £10 less than purchasing the liquid gold separately. I thought I'd give the cleanser a whirl and I've loved using it, it's a gel texture which doesn’t foam (a good thing) and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft, it's designed for more oily prone skin and it manages to cleanse the skin without aggravating it or stripping it. I'm really happy with this and you get a LOT of product for your money.

Alpha H Liquid Gold (Link)
A cult classic, for a good reason too may I add. I've used Liquid Gold off and on for years and each time I get a new bottle I berate myself for not getting another one sooner; It is a liquid exfoliator and quite a potent one so not one for first time users or sensitive skins, all I can say is that it makes your skin incredibly smooth, soft and bright (combined with the correct products). It resurfaces your skin overnight and you wake up like new. Buy it!

RMK Concentrate Cream (Link)
This is a definite luxury product, the packaging is stunning (although a total bitch to photograph), for the colder winter months when your skin is battered with the elements and central heating its just what the doctor ordered. It manages to be incredibly thick and luxurious without being heavy or pore clogging and my dehydrated/oily skin has been loving it as a night time treat on top of the Liquid Gold and my skin has been looking incredibly plump, bright and hydrated since introducing it to my routine.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation (Link)
It was my aim when I started my chemical peel and Vampire facial course to be able to start wearing lower coverage foundation but finding one suitable for oily skin always proved to be difficult until I remembered Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, this is a gel texture and as the name suggests much lighter than the original Double Wear but has the staying power pretty much matched so is the perfect daytime foundation for me and one I've worn for the past two months every day. My goal has been achieved and I couldn't be happier … Although if the colour selection was better I'd be a lot happier but we can't have everything.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer (Link)
Unfortunately although I can switch to a lower coverage foundation on my face the same can't be said for my under eyes, they are still and always will be the bane of my life as they're so dark, no matter how much sleep I get or water I drink they're always there staring at me in the mirror on my unmade face. Step in the Amazing Cosmetics concealer, I had read both fantastic and poor reviews so I decided to give it a whirl to make my own mind up and I have to say used conservatively with the help of my beauty blender it provides me with unbeatable coverage without being cakey or creasy. I am very impressed and glad I got the big tube!

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow (Link)
I have been trying a few Charlotte Tilbury products recently and I resisted adding them all to my favourites as I will be reviewing them soon but I had to include the Colour Chameleon eye pencils because they are FANTASTIC. I have oily eyelids so going from work to after work activities require a top up of eye shadow because it's faded and creased, using the Colour Chameleon as a base for my eye shadows keeps the shadow in place for a good 16 hours, it looks perfect all day and all night. I now want more colours and I'll happily invest as they're great products.

RMK Eye Brow Palette (Link)
I have major brow issues due to my blonde hair and always have to fill my brows in and I had been using pencils as they're so quick in the morning, however after having my RMK makeover (Link) and my brows applied properly I immediately reverted back to powder products as you have defined brows that don't look too done. The RMK powder palette contains three shades an ashy tone, a warmer toned and a very dark browny black, I tend to mix the ashy and warm toned powders to fill in my brows and the staying power is perfect and it lasts as long as I have my makeup on my face.

What have been your favourite products this month?

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