2015 Goals

Thursday 1 January 2015

1. Pass My Driving Test
This is a little bit of a cheat i'll admit as my test is booked for January but driving was a massive fear for me and in 2014 I conquered it so 2015 is the year I WILL pass and get my car and get my drive on so watch this space ... i've already noticed shopping for cars is not as fun as clothes and make up shopping!

2. Do More Exercise
This was in last years post and I'm continuing with it; it was actually a goal that I stuck to for the majority of the year but when my driving lessons began I stopped going to the gym because I wanted to focus on driving and the thought of the gym three times a week after work and driving lessons twice a week after work wasn't appealing. So once January is out the way and hopefully my test passed I can dedicate some nights to the gym/ exercise classes, I want to master yoga and Pilates especially as I suffer with a very bad back and if I can relieve at least some of that pain I will be happy.

3. See Friends and Family More
This also links into driving but when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere (where I live) it's kind of hard to see friends as often as I would like so my 2015 goal is to get out more and see more of my friends, the last part of 2014 saw some great nights with friends and I definitely want to continue that. I adore my family and Christmas always reminds me of this as I see them more so I want to make 2015 more about seeing family too, my Nana lives 10 minutes from me and it's shameful I only see her a couple of times a year so with my car I aim to see her as much as I possibly can, as well as visiting my brother who lives in Reading as i've never been ... also shameful!

4. Maintain Being Organised
2014 definitely saw me step up in my organisation, I end up doing to-do lists pretty much everyday in order to use my spare time wisely, most people think I'm a little crazy and the fact I don't watch TV makes them freak out a little but I love being productive and not just sitting wasting my life caring about fictional characters who live the most unrealistic lives (seriously how many tragedies can happen to one street? surely you'd move!) so I will maintain my level of crazy and I definitely want to improve on the blogging front as i've been so busy it's been hard to stick to my goal of at least two blog posts a week.

I think they're quite attainable and rewarding goals so hopefully I should stick to them! What are you aiming for in 2015? I should probably aim to shop less but we all know that would be an EPIC fail!!

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