FAVOURITES: January 2015

Saturday 31 January 2015

Bare Minerals A Stroke of Light - £19.80 (Link)
A new purchase, I wanted to use as my weekend under eye concealer and I've really been enjoying using everyday, it brightens my under eye really well without being cakey or heavy in the slightest. I'm very impressed with the formulation and the effect it has and I can see this being a repurchase which is definitely a seal of approval for me.

Mac 'All That Glitters' and 'Patina' Eyeshadows - £10.00 each (Link)
If you've ever had one of those nights where you can't switch your brain off when you need to get to sleep you will know the situation I was in at 2am looking through my eyeshadow drawer trying to find a single pressed eyeshadow to put in my makeup bag as I was spending the next night away. I can't describe how good a feeling it was when I found a Mac duo palette I didn’t know was there containing All That Glitters, a gorgeous pinky beigy champagne shade and I simply popped out my Patina eyeshadow from my Mac Quad and I found my ultimate eyeshadow duo, blended into each other they look lovely but for my lazy every day eye a swipe or two of each on my eyeshadow brush and applied to the eye give the most gorgeous shimmery neutral eye perfect for work.

RMK Powder Foundation - £45.00 (Link)
I think RMK products are going to soon take over my whole routine as I love everything I've ever tried from the brand, I have a couple of samples of the powder foundation and when I was in need for a setting powder that was a lighter shade than the current one I was using, I grabbed the RMK packets and gave one a try. I've worn it every single day since; the finish on the skin is just stunning, it's matte with a glow and gives you perfect looking skin. If you're looking for airbrushed makeup I cannot recommend this enough as a setting powder, I am in love and definitely need to purchase the full size.

Mavala Double Lash Serum - £11.00 (Link)
Now I've used this for around 3 weeks and seen a difference, I'm using it predominately on my eyebrows; I've seen a huge increase in my hair growth around my main brows so my goal of having Delevingne brows is looking promising and it was only around £11 so a total bargain compared to some brow and lash growth products.

Red Carpet Manicure 'An Evening To Remember' - £12.95 (Link)
I purchased some darker gel shades before Christmas and 'An Evening To Remember' is a really great shade to have, it's a black filled with holographic shimmer and looks so interesting on the nails than just a solid black, plus I find the shimmery shades last longer on the nails!

L'Occitane Almond Hand Cream 30ml (can't find this size online) - £8.00 (Link)
A little beauty resolution of mine for this year is to use hand cream after each hand wash as I'd like my nails to be healthier and hand cream is a major part of nail care so I purchased this hand cream and it is without doubt the best hand cream I've ever used; my favourite L'Occitane product is the Almond Shower Oil and this hand cream smells exactly the same and I can just sit and smell my hands for minutes at a time ... and look like a weirdo at the same time. 

What have been your favourites for January?

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