Iconemesis | Fifi Lapin iPhone 6 Case

Saturday 21 February 2015

I wanted to add a bit more variation to my blog other than just beauty reviews so I thought I'd start posting some alternative lifestyle-y posts so lets start with a phone case I recently got from Iconemesis; I always get the new iPhone on release date (yes I know total sheep but in my defence I don't queue up or anything) so I seem to always find myself with a fugly case for a while as most case designers don't catch up to the new model until the following season.

Thankfully this time I found the Fifi Lapin Bunny case from Iconemesis (Link) pretty quickly and love this case, it's super thin so doesn't add much bulk to the phone (something I loathe as the 6 is a skinny slinky model), it has almost a rubberised feel to it but doesn’t get filthy (think NARS packaging) and of course the design is seriously cute, I love the grey, I love the polka dots and the rabbit wearing the tea cup is just so me (I love a cup of tea).

I love LOVE my iPhone 6 and with my original bog standard see through plastic case it actually gave me repetitive stress disorder. The Sleep/Wake button on the new model changed from the top of the phone to the side; the combination of a larger phone, the button and the button being cocooned by my original case made for some serious thumb pain. Once I got my hands on this solid plastic case with the correct cut outs for the buttons my thumb has stopped hurting for the most part and I don't list the button being on the side as a negative of the new model when people ask if I recommend it.

Iconemesis have a few designs for the new iPhone models so there's probably something for everyone, definitely recommend if you're struggling for a none-fugly case and can't be bothered scrolling through hundreds of cheap eBay ones! I TOTALLY want the Fifi Lapin mint green rain clouds case (Link) having tried and tested this model I will happily buy more from the range.


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