REVIEW: Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Duo

Monday 23 March 2015

My skin seems to have taken a turn from super oily into oily/dehydrated which has seen me scour the internet for solutions, the only I seem to have come up with is control the oil during the day and then at night pile on the moisturiser to the max.

My piling of the moisture has come via Yves Rocher and their new Smoothing Serum Vegetal day and night creams, if you have dry skin these will be your best friend; the day cream is hydrating without being greasy so is a really good makeup base if you have any dry patches as well as overall hydration. The night cream is akin to a balm ... a balm of total hydration and I can't describe how plump and firm it makes your skin feel the next morning; I actually walked down the street with no makeup on one day stroking my cheek wanting to stop random pedestrians letting them feel how soft my face was (I resisted). I can also confirm how radiant it makes your skin as I only wore concealer, mascara and powder today and my milkman (yes I live in the 20's) said I looked like I was going out with the makeup I had on .... Result!

At £21.00 for both products you get really effective skincare and it doesn't cost the earth so definitely two thumbs up from me. (Link)

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