Tuesday 2 June 2015

Well i've been a serious failure on my blogging recently but sometimes life takes over, May was my recommittal to the gym month, I say gym what I actually mean is swimming and pilates as I can think of nothing worse than going to the gym but i'm motivated and that's all that matters. Despite my busyness it hasn't stopped me trying out new products and believe me when I say I have a huge back log of reviews to get writing so you can look forward to them commencing. But first the products I loved throughout May:

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - £18.00 (Link)
This is possibly a lifetime favourite but seen as though my new bottle arrived recently I stopped rationing my existing bottle, the fact that I have repurchased this product says it all because I am not loyal to any body care products apart from Korres products. I use this in a few different ways, firstly using it as a shaving oil leaves your skin oh so soft and bump free, using it under hot running water for your bath produces some great bubbles when you get out of the bath you have the softest skin and finally I use it at the end of my shower on those 'can't be bothered to moisturise' days, I just slather it on my skin once i've done all my washing and leave it on for a minute then I just emulsify it and rinse it lightly off and once again you're left with the softest skin.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream - £30.80 (Link)
I had heard great things about Clarins HydraQuench range and seen as i'd not tried much skincare from the brand I thought i'd give this a go. This is a fantastic hydrating moisturiser and one i've used solidly since I got it, my skin has never been so soft and supple. It's a great product if you're in your 20's and don't want something designed for anti-aging but just good old hydration which sometimes is all that's needed. I definitely give this an A+ and it's making me want to try a lot more from the brand.

Caudalîe Purifying Mask - £22.00 (Link)
I featured Caudalîe's Peel Mask in my Skin Care Additions Post (Link) and I am just as impressed by their purifying mask, it's a non-drying clay mask that deeply cleanses your complexion so great if you suffer from blemishes or congested skin but it's gentle enough for sensitive complexions. I notice my skin is less oily the day after and it really does help tackle the congestion when I use it a couple of times a week plus at £22 I think it's a very reasonable price.

Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuer Water Spray - £21.33 for 100mls (Link)
My signature scent is Tom Ford Black Orchid I adore how strong and bold it is however starting a new job in a small spaced office I can't say my colleagues for sure appreciate me spritzing myself with something so strong so I thought a 'Spring/Summer' fragrance was the answer and it comes via Roger & Gallet. I have used a few of their different body products and I fell in love with the Fleur De Figure scent of their body oil so when I saw they have a fragrance water in the scent line I was all over it. The scent manages to be fresh, floral and fruity without being overly sweet but has a real warmth and depth to it with the musk and fig milk base notes. A Eau De Perfum version has just been released and I might have to give that a try too because I am in love with the scent.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - £9.99 (Link)
For years I always broke out when I used this foundation but in a desperate moment of all foundations looking crap on me I reached for the Healthy Mix and for some reason my skin didn't do it's usual 'never put that stuff on your face again here's a bunch of spots', So i've been using it non stop. Bourjois hit the nail on the head with the naming of this foundation because when you apply it you just look healthy, it's lightweight and the coverage is build able but you never look like you have much makeup on, it's like constantly having a good skin day. Your skin looks luminous and well healthy.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - £8.99 (Link)
I am a huge fan of the formula of these lip creams, they are lightweight, fantastically pigmented and non drying. They are better than some of the most expensive offerings in the liquid lipstick world so worth every penny of the £8.99 you pay. One of the newly released shades 'Don't Pink of It' is my new love, as soon as I saw it I thought of Lana Del Rey's signature pinkish nude shade and it very much lives up to this on the lips and does so without being chalky.

What were you loving in May??


  1. The new rouge edition looks lovely ! I picked up Grand Cru from that line which was a big mistake, the formula of all the others looks lovely though, might try again.

    Distant Dreamer

  2. I love the Bourjois Rouge Editions too!



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