'Me Time' with Victoria Plumb

Sunday 19 July 2015

I was contacted by the lovely people at Victoria Plumb to help promote the importance of 'Me Time' and was sent a lovely pamper box filled with goodies including their Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser (which will be perfect in my new bathroom when I move).

My Sunday pamper sessions always involve the following:

  • A bath bomb of some description - I always find they make my skin soft as silk and make my whole house smell divine.
  • Lots of bubbles - The Soap and Glory bath and shower gels are always a great addition to my bath because you can use LOADS and have loads of bubbles as they're so affordable and smell so good.
  • A Face Mask - I love the Origins Clear Improvement Mask, it's a deep cleansing charcoal mask that draws out any impurities in your skin without drying it out and these individual application pods are perfect for you 'Me Time' if you're on your travels.
  • Candles - The Yankee Candle Tea Lights are the perfect relaxed lighting to really de-stress you and the Fluffy Towels scent is clean and fresh so doesn't interfere with any bath products you use and literally smells like fluffy towels (which blows my mind whenever I smell them)
  • A Good Magazine - I love interior magazines and lying in a bath imagining what I want my house to look like and of course a good fashion mag encourages my desire for designer bags and shoes which means the chance of me getting the interior of my house to look like my imagination remains a long lost dream but I fail at long baths and get so bored without something to read and if you drop a magazine in the bath it's less costly to replace than an iPad.
Life can be so stressful at times and you can forget to take the time for yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of modern living and my gym sessions four times a week definitely have me craving some 'Me Time'. What are your must have's for your 'Me Time'? Are you a Sunday gal too?

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