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Wednesday 12 August 2015

‘I don’t get the whole diet thing … I mean it has the word ‘die’ in it ‘ … yes I’m actually seriously quoting a Kardashian but it’s true. We all agree that Khloe’s body is banging and she obviously works mighty hard at it and she talked about cutting out fizzy drinks and how she achieved it and I love picking up little tips along the way to help challenge myself to give up the elements of my diet that I’m not happy with.

I think it’s always great to share healthy tips so I thought I’d show what I’m currently obsessed with snack wise. I seem to crave something sweet after my evening meals at night and it’s so tempting to reach for the biscuit tin or the freezer for some ice cream but I’ve managed to kick this little habit by eating dried fruit instead, now you do need to watch out for hidden sugar in some as I’ve found a lot of places like to sweeten up their offerings which is no better than eating that ice cream really so my favourite brand of fruit is the Urban Fruit range.

There’s plenty of choice and you can buy larger packets or more handbag/lunch box friendly sizes too and I always have some in my handbag because there’s nothing worse than being caught out somewhere and being hungry but not having any healthy options so having some of these in my bag has helped me out a pickle or two. My favourite has to be the strawberries and I admit I need these taking off me so I don’t eat the entire bag at times because I probably could eat about 5 bags in one sitting they’re so nice. In the correct doses they counteract my sweet craving and I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty. Urban Fruit is available at all major supermarkets so I always stock up when I'm shopping as they're so handy.

What are your guilt free snacks that keep you on track?

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  1. These sound yummy. I try to always have fruit (either fresh or dried) in the house always so I can snack on that when I want something between meals.


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