Anastasia Beverly Hils: Brow Wiz Vs Brow Definer

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Left: Brow Definer, Right: Brow Wiz
It took a long time for me to try the Anastasia Brow Wiz, I always saw it hyped up by fellow bloggers but thought it was hard to get hold of so couldn't be bothered with the hassle; thankfully there are UK stockists aplenty now so I purchased and it was love on first application.

The recent addition to the Anastasia range is the Brow Definer and when I ran out of my Brow Wiz I couldn't resist trying it and I thought it would be useful to compare the two products as they are quite different.

The obvious difference is the size of the pencils, Brow Wiz is very fine and precise and Brow Definer is chunkier and triangular in shape, I was loving this idea as I spend far too much time on my brows and thought a larger pencil would give me the ability to 'bish, bash, bosh' my brows in the morning and be life changing ... It did not.

If your brows need any correction to the shape you can't really do it with the Brow Definer as it just doesn't have the ability to draw sharp fine lines (as you can tell in the swatch, the line is kind of blended at the edges) so my brows have kind of been looking a bit naff/all over the place since I got it.

So I thought ok, well the Brow Definer will good for filling in the shape say if I outline first with the Brow Wiz; well not exactly. The formula of the two pencils are definitely different, the Brow Definer is a lot softer in texture, I personally prefer the Brow Wiz which is a harder formula and far superior in how long your eyebrows stay put. I seem to have makeup amnesia at times and rub my eyes and face as I am oblivious to the fact I have makeup on, when my Brow Wiz is applied my brows stay perfectly in place with the odd rub (sounds all kinds of wrong) but when I have used the Brow Definer it transfers quite a lot and I have to quickly check I don't have a big patch of brow missing (thank the Lord for front facing cameras) and by the end of the day my brows look almost blurry rather than the sharp cut a bitch up brow I usually achieve with the Brow Wiz.

If your brows are anything less than a Delevingne the Brow Wiz should be your pencil of choice because it gives you the ability to create hairs that aren't there as well as extend, correct and add depth as well as lasting perfectly until you remove it, I think the Brow Definer is going to be best for those of you with perfectly shaped thick eyebrows that just need a bit of colour and don't mind going for the rustic look (code for scruffy).

The aspect where the Brow Definer beats the Brow Wiz is in the price; although coming in 50p more expensive at £16 (Link) you get 0.007 oz of product rather than the 0.003 oz of the Brow Wiz for £15.50 (Link). Even so I would rather pay the £15.50 more often for my holy grail pencil than one that's just ok less often. Cult Beauty currently have free delivery on all Anastasia orders (Link).

So that's my thoughts on the Brow Definer compared to the Brow Wiz, have you tried the Brow Definer if so let me know what your thoughts are.


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